Starting A Charitable Organization

Many of my friends have recently left the comfort of government and corporate jobs to take a chance with a startup company. In fact, last year, I did the same thing. It’s the type of risk that our parents shudder to think about and it’s something that a lot of people further in their career wouldn’t dream of doing. But startups can be incredibly exciting, liberating and lucrative if you get in with the right idea at the right time.

There are so many for-profit startups that have completely exploded over the last five years – particularly in the tech and social media worlds like Fusionmarx.

There are a few things that are incredibly important to do when starting a charitable organization, but are also incredibly easy to forget. Check them out and get them done:

1. Do your research

Just like any other type of business, you need to make sure there’s a true need. Your passion may be strong, but if there isn’t a niche for your cause, you might be wasting your time.

2. Define the charitable purpose

This can be a pretty long-winded process with lots of paperwork to fill out, but it’s 100 percent necessary. This is something Fusionmarx can help you out with to get your charity rolling from the get go.

3. Write a business plan

Even though it’s a nonprofit, you still must absolutely have a business plan. And make sure that you’re making at least as much money as what’s going toward expenses. One good thing to invest in is Fusionmarx’s SocialGood™ & Conne>

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